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The next Restart release (RSTD019) comes from Masuki (FFM/ Germany), who made the amazing remix of Logiztik Sounds “The Light”, that came out end of May. “Ballymore” is an uncompromising Techno track of surpassing kind and quality. Masuki is a name you should keep in mind. The Remix comes from Bradler & Dualton. The guys […]

CHICKS ON SPEED’s fifth album “Cutting The Edge” utilises the collective as a mechanism for the production of instantaneous sound and music recordings. The Chicks worked with: Whomadewho, Mark Stewart, Joe Robinson, A.L. Steiner, Kathi Glas, Anat Ben-David, Christopher Just, Fred Schneider, Gerhardt Potuznik, Patrick Pulsinger and especially UK Super producer team “A Scholar and […]

Damolh33 is Gabriel Bernath from Orechova Poton, Slovakia. His passion for music began materialized 1999 starting to play in local clubs and all over. Continued with his musical growth he starts to make music with brother Mikulas in 2003 with few successful club tracks. He release music on home label LFB and he also participate […]