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Zoo Brazil have written a hymn with the simple name Tobbe. A name much too simple for this epic trancy pearl. A track that deserves a name as long as the Sahara Desert. Tobbe sways back and forth between obscure sounds, big sequences seeing the light as well as the darkness. This track has all […]

Clemens Rumpf and Davidson Ospina “Mamita” | OSPINA DIGITAL RECORDS OD023 REACTIONS: Baggi Begovic – “Love it” Hector Romero – “Smash” Adam Auburn – “Just in Time for Miami” Mannix – “Quality House Music as I love it!!” Marques Wyatt – “Loving all the Mixes, definitely groovin!” Grant Nelson – “Great Party track” Hippi Torrales […]

Essen, Germany may not have established itself on the map of musical creativity that stretches from Chicago to Berlin and back, but it’s suffice to say the unassuming German city has provided Manuel Tur with enough inspiration to name his debut album after its area code. It may not be 90210, but if it’s helped […]

Promised Land – digital download the new Boogie Pimps single “Promised Land” is now available as digital download at the following stores: itunes,,