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A young man from San Jose named Ardalan thought up this track and then our hero Justin Martin saw it through. But no boring bios and details this time. Just trust us…get it. It’s all over Radio One, and topping a bunch of big charts already. This track is why we do the label. Here’s […]

Luca Lozano presents “Berlinetta” a poppin little track that grabs your attention with a very mighty sliding horn break. Check out his amazing music video that goes with it on the website. Our favorite girl, J Phlip (pronounced J Flip) delivers a remix that makes my top 10 of the year for sure.. Bangin! Label: […]

Label: dirtybird Artist: Claude VonStroke Title: The Greasy Beat ft. Bootsy Collins Release date: Sept. 2nd. 2009 This side: Funk Bomb Mix That side: Tech Funk Mix Bootzilla’s here! Who is the person you would most like to work with?” For Claude VonStroke, it’s definitely Bootsy Collins – the biggest personality in Parliament Funkadelic and […]

Justin Martin released the very first two records on dirtybird and then went on an amazing production path, releasing tracks, mix cds and remixes on multiple labels like Buzzin’fly, Utensil, Om. Claude VonStroke has been begging him to return to the nest for years and now he is back! Justin has re-joined the family in […]

Tim Green is one of those producers who doesn’t turn in a lot of filler tracks. For the most part when “TG” or Tim Green puts something out there it has a strong sense of character and something memorable. This is why we like him over here at dirtybird. Just like his first appearance last […]

Two years ago, on the East Coast of America, a couple of highly technical production wizards joined forces and created their own genre of strange and creepy techno under the moniker, Voodeux. One from Boston and the other from Philadelphia, Tanner Ross and James Watts first released “The Curse” EP on mothership in 2008 with […]

The Aundy EP is the first EP from Claude VonStroke’s new album “Bird Brain” due out October, 2009. It represents the deeper, moodier shades of the full-length project. The lead track, “Aundy“ is featured prominently as the closing music for Claude’s epic Fabric 46and is getting support across the board from Luciano to Carl Cox […]