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In his previous life Shem McCauley (AKA Slacker) was considered one of the most prolific progressive house producers in the business. His tracks and remixes were played by the genre’s most popular DJs and they landed on the finest mix compilations. However, with the business changing and tastes shifting Shem grew increasingly frustrated with the […]

Rooted in hip-hop and dipping into elements of indie rock, downtempo, dub and dance, Inspired Flight is taking your pre-conceived notion of what a band and DJ are and merging them into something new and quite mesmerizing. By creatively integrating traditional DJ elements, like sampling and scratching into original head-nodding songs, this duo from San […]

Greenscapes, the Rickert-Vesely electro-lounge collection and hymn to life on planet Earth, is a creative effort with a focus out past the edge of man’s proverbial camp firelight, weaving musical threads pulled from sounds inspired by the physical world. The result is their first release, a refreshing, grooving mélange of Jazz, Downtempo, and subtle Dub […]

LOUNGIN’ RECORDINGS PRESENTS A NEW ALBUM FROM ONE OF THE MOST IN DEMAND PRODUCERS JOSHUA HERVÉ HARVEY THE YOUNG LOVERS THE YOUNG LOVERS Label – Loungin’ Recordings Format – CD/ 2 X LP /Digital Release Date – April 20th 2009 Taking us into a more downtempo and chilled space from his peak time dancefloor productions […]