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Urgent, throbbing rhythms, which almost imperceptibly increase into a subtle wall of sound: The tracks on Todd Bodine’s new EP develop a hypnotic character, stolen away into a dark pulsating sound field which exactly match the title of the A-side: “Dark Matter”. The increasingly dense electric field mixes with sparse siren sounds that create their […]

“This is my best album for sure”, says Todd. We can’t be exactly sure on that one, all three albums from Todd Bodine have been great. “Forms” however, is perhaps the most complex and mature album that the Berlin producer and DJ has accomplished to date. And it’s also out with us! Todd has worked […]

With this new EP Tom Clark makes an impressive return to the Highgrade release program. Following a collaboration with Marcus Schatz and most recently with Benno Blome, he now comes back as a solo artist. After only a few beats, you’ll be sure to recognise his signature sound. Tom needs surprisingly few elements to build […]

The Constance area is not necessarily considered an important and well known location for electronic music. But Highgrade has discovered something amazing on the beautiful Lake Constance. Highgrade is proud to present techno producer Patrick Zigon and his new release for Highgrade Digital #21. Anyone thinking of dreamy music from the provinces should guess again. […]

Another proven duo find themselves together again on Highgrade Digital. Since their “Globetrotter” EP in 2007, Todd Bodine has become responsible not only for producing the hits on Highgrade, but also for the label management, and here he brings back his friend and co-conspirator, Lugwig Cohen, for three more sublime tracks. Music journalist and DJ […]