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Heaps Number 30 is a very special release by our main artist HP. Hoeger who is featured by Cherlain Mikele and Reena Winters. Their collaboration ‘You Are My Joy’ is funky Jazz Sound with catchy and extraordinary vocals and some sweet French Hip Hop flavour. This will deeply touch your heart and your soul! Heaps […]

Comfort Fit’s third album “Polyshufflez” holds 72 minutes of high fidelity based on polyrhythmic beat structures and postmodern pop perspectives, using music codes of genres such as Hip-Hop, Dub-Step and Techno merely as comic template. Thoughts on the financial world crisis, off-key love songs, conversations with the devil, famous chess games and dozens of other […]

Rooted in hip-hop and dipping into elements of indie rock, downtempo, dub and dance, Inspired Flight is taking your pre-conceived notion of what a band and DJ are and merging them into something new and quite mesmerizing. By creatively integrating traditional DJ elements, like sampling and scratching into original head-nodding songs, this duo from San […]