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IBIZA SPA SESSIONS Vol.1 – this is the beginning of a wonderful voyage to the isle of Ibiza and its unmistakable world of wellness. Soothing sounds enriched with ethno elements become a mirror of our senses and invite you into a land of relaxation & dreams. Submerge your body & mind in the joys of […]

Poostosh emerged from interminable improvisations in front of mixing console in the booth of one respectable Moscow club/theatre, under which roof they all were working. The name “Poostosh” appeared in 2002. In Russian it means – uncultivated plot or a heath. They were playing and recording in a lot of different styles without any serious […]

LOUNGIN’ RECORDINGS PRESENTS A NEW ALBUM FROM ONE OF THE MOST IN DEMAND PRODUCERS JOSHUA HERVÉ HARVEY THE YOUNG LOVERS THE YOUNG LOVERS Label – Loungin’ Recordings Format – CD/ 2 X LP /Digital Release Date – April 20th 2009 Taking us into a more downtempo and chilled space from his peak time dancefloor productions […]