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Eijejei – Aye ya yay! This is a hit record! But what else would you expect when two of Berlin’s hottest DJ and producers, Guido Schneider and Jens Bond, are working together!? Following the duo’s major success on Pokerflat in 2004, we’ve managed to get the two of them back together for this exclusive release […]

Luca Lozano presents “Berlinetta” a poppin little track that grabs your attention with a very mighty sliding horn break. Check out his amazing music video that goes with it on the website. Our favorite girl, J Phlip (pronounced J Flip) delivers a remix that makes my top 10 of the year for sure.. Bangin! Label: […]

With this new EP Tom Clark makes an impressive return to the Highgrade release program. Following a collaboration with Marcus Schatz and most recently with Benno Blome, he now comes back as a solo artist. After only a few beats, you’ll be sure to recognise his signature sound. Tom needs surprisingly few elements to build […]

Drowning pianos…urgent sounding basslines? Extrawelt have written 3 brand new tracks for Traum. Starting with Mit Liese Auf Der Wiese, this Chicago house injected track has a classy touch, with electric pianos modulating, keeping a nice balance between techno and electro. Clap’s Cally is a nightcrawler… Feels like an endless drive in a car at […]

Alfonso Forte & Hollen are the ceremony masters for the second season of Simplex. A second season with many new projects still to come up. An original Neapolitan sound. Aniello Federico aka Hollen and Alfonso Forte are two new artists in the current minimal techno scene. They collaborates with Simplex by providing three original cuts […]