Posts Tagged ‘music’ Pepe Norman – DID Podcast #1 – July 2012 – 320kbps MP3 Download (260 MB) ▼ 01 Lana Del Rey – Video Games (Hannes Fischer Video Remix) 02 Thomas Bjerring – 02.45 03 Freska – Comanche (Original Mix) 04 Doctor Dru – The Voice Of Dru (Original Mix) 05 8Eyes – Blow (Original […]

Save The DJ – Tracks – Your Sound, At The Heart.

Heaps Music Releases Showcase – 001-005 – December 2010 … Read More via Beatbird – Free streams and downloads

The purest, most touching trance tracks are all based upon emotions. Real emotions, whether that be happiness, grief or true euphoria. Producers find their inspiration in all sorts of happenings and turn it into another anthem to trigger those memorable moments on the floor. Unfortunately, it was a sad event that inspired Robert Nickson to […]

Black Coffee is one of the leading proponents of South Africa’s house scene. He’s a reserved, studiously academic character, who’s inventive, imaginative and a boldly educated re-interpretation of classic South African music is radically at odds with the many flash-in-the-pan hit-chasers that populate the dance music genre. Either as one-part member of the unfashionable urban […]

Luca Lozano presents “Berlinetta” a poppin little track that grabs your attention with a very mighty sliding horn break. Check out his amazing music video that goes with it on the website. Our favorite girl, J Phlip (pronounced J Flip) delivers a remix that makes my top 10 of the year for sure.. Bangin! Label: […]

New Release on BeatModul Recordings: Dub Mayer “Checkpoint Charly” (BMR015) 1) Subotic Remix 2) Maxime Boiron Remix 2) Original Mix Funky Detroit Tech Soul House by the berlin producer Dub Mayer.

With this new EP Tom Clark makes an impressive return to the Highgrade release program. Following a collaboration with Marcus Schatz and most recently with Benno Blome, he now comes back as a solo artist. After only a few beats, you’ll be sure to recognise his signature sound. Tom needs surprisingly few elements to build […]

The Argentinian musician Grünbox has recorded for CMYK but is still a tip for insiders and Trapez artists such as Oliver Hacke, Riley Reinhold and Gabriel Ananda are already supporting him. His extraordinary beat programming puts him close to Mr Alex Under and so he is in the best company on Trapez. Trapez 099.5 – […]

KOMPAKT’s most anticipated release returns. They are 10. And its coloured gold this year. So it’s time for 10…what a run it’s been folks and we’re set to celebrate with our jubilee rollout for 2009 – still standing and stronger that ever KOMPAKT returns with our annual tradition – the Cologne event this year set […]