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Amsterdam, January 2010 – High quality trance & tech-trance will be the main focus of the brand new label of number one Irish DJ and producer John O’Callaghan. The Subculture label, the 26th imprint to be part of Armada Music, kicked off January 18th with a release by the label-owner himself. This is perfect timing […]

Number two in Dan Brasco’s triplet of concept EP:s is yet another elegant synthesizer journey. Over a steady beat the different melodies play around and together they create a dreamy atmospheric experience. Dark yet playful with just the right amount of retro feel added to it. If you’re into labeling life, than maybe slomo minimal […]

Stealth Live! is all about capturing the raw dance energy of outstanding artists. A direct and undiluted experience of performance, live in the balance. The inspiration, perspiration, whoops ‘n’ cheers that define what ‘live’ really means, to both the artists and their audience. For this reason, Roger Sanchez and his label – Stealth – are […]