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Heaps Number 30 is a very special release by our main artist HP. Hoeger who is featured by Cherlain Mikele and Reena Winters. Their collaboration ‘You Are My Joy’ is funky Jazz Sound with catchy and extraordinary vocals and some sweet French Hip Hop flavour. This will deeply touch your heart and your soul! Heaps […]

Clemens Rumpf and Davidson Ospina “Mamita” | OSPINA DIGITAL RECORDS OD023 REACTIONS: Baggi Begovic – “Love it” Hector Romero – “Smash” Adam Auburn – “Just in Time for Miami” Mannix – “Quality House Music as I love it!!” Marques Wyatt – “Loving all the Mixes, definitely groovin!” Grant Nelson – “Great Party track” Hippi Torrales […]

LARSE – CAVEMAN EP Vinyls in stores now (distributor: Topplers) and get the mp3 downloads exclusive at Larse did quite a few productions & remixes in the past, but we proudly present his first vinyl single. He is also a busy deejay in germany and around the globe and is also known for his […]