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After a full year of dedicated work we are happy to announce that Dominik Eulberg´s fourth album “Diorama” will be released in May 2011 on TRAUM. After the “Heimische Gefilde” album on TRAUM, which won the German critic award, as the first techno album ever where comments by the artist himself appeared in spoken word, […]

Step by step with ease Max Cooper creates a build up that leads to a cut up–collage break that picks up on that Bauhausesque ghostly atmosphere which by then you realise will be the theme of this track. Release date: 5th April 2010

Moonbeam are back on Traum! With their new a-side track “Tiger” Moonbeam show their timeless quality and their deep knowledge of music, writing a seemingly simple but gigantic track. The energy of this dark monumental new school acid track is counteracted by the two tracks on the flipside “Land of the Lost (strict mix)” and […]

Following his Trapez ltd album „Cry For the Last Dance“, here come 3 remixes of Mihalis hit track „Interafrica“. Mark Broom has done an exceptional and strong remix converting the percussive power of the original into a slick technoish rocker! The Glitz have provided a remix which sticks very much to the original, but has […]

The Argentinian musician Grünbox has recorded for CMYK but is still a tip for insiders and Trapez artists such as Oliver Hacke, Riley Reinhold and Gabriel Ananda are already supporting him. His extraordinary beat programming puts him close to Mr Alex Under and so he is in the best company on Trapez. Trapez 099.5 – […]

The second Amir record on Trapez ltd and we expect even more fans to appreciate the intricate grooves and the madness of his music. As always Amir does not work with the obvious but gains momentums of joy from the audience when he does his formidable small changes, plunges from beat into sound and switches […]

Drowning pianos…urgent sounding basslines? Extrawelt have written 3 brand new tracks for Traum. Starting with Mit Liese Auf Der Wiese, this Chicago house injected track has a classy touch, with electric pianos modulating, keeping a nice balance between techno and electro. Clap’s Cally is a nightcrawler… Feels like an endless drive in a car at […]

Well what can we say, two tracks that could not be more different from well know Mainz/Germany based artist Butch aka Bülent Gürler. The a side Destruction is a track that so perfectly fits into the scene of German minimal house, we think it will be eaten up immediately by the DJ scene. The flipside […]

Moonbeam are back after a long break, having released two records on Traum so far. Their new track When Tears Are Dropping From The Sky can be truly referred to as a masterpiece. Moonbeam show maybe one of their most versatile pieces of music, describing thefeeling of morning glory… perfect for after hours and moments […]

After Florian’s big techno stompers of the past on Trapez, he now records on MBF for the first time due to the fact that these new trax were perfect for My Best Friend! His a-side,”La Nuit” is a very cool bouncy and hypnotic track with big soft bassline and vocals that have a sensual feeling […]