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The Constance area is not necessarily considered an important and well known location for electronic music. But Highgrade has discovered something amazing on the beautiful Lake Constance. Highgrade is proud to present techno producer Patrick Zigon and his new release for Highgrade Digital #21. Anyone thinking of dreamy music from the provinces should guess again. […]

Memories of Ryan Dupree & Terence Palmer’s Emotion EP was remixed and is out now exclusive with Beatport on Plasmapool. The EP comes along with a great Remix of Memories by Stivo & Pepe Norman, the original version and a remix by Jan Cree. Release: June, 11th 2009, Beatport

They blew the mind of Jeff Mills or Four Tet, bluffed Plaid and Sutekh, Henrik Schwarz or Robert Hood are addicted. But who are they? Shaded by an exulting freedom and audacity, AufGang is a kamikaze band composed of Francesco Tristano, Rami Khalifé and Aymeric Westrich (Cassius`s drummer), which shaped its sound throughout live gigs, […]

Vinyl Release: 25-3-2009 Digital Release: 09-4-2009 on Beatport Artist: Cesar Merveille Label: Safari Electronique Format: 12″ Vinyl & Digital Cat nº: Safari 033 Distribution: Intergroove Tracklist: A1 – Crapette Original A2 – Crapette Miss Fitz 3tc remix B1 – Su sexo (Cesar Merveille & Shaun Reeves) B2 – Crapette (Seth Troxler & Shaun Reeves Remix) […]

REV026 Title: Collaboration Series Volume 2 Artist: Jeff Milligan vs. Shaka, Eric Downer, Katsuhiko Release Date: April 23 (digital exclusive) Tracklisting: A1. Father Milk B1. 3rd Bicycle B2. Frozen Jungle Coming up on Revolver Canada is label boss Jeff Milligan in the second installment of the Collaboration Series. This triple player spreads across three continents, […]

Logiztik Sounds & Audiobill – The Light (Original Mix) Logiztik Sounds & Audiobill – The Light (Masuki Remix) The next Restart release comes from one of the fastes growing names in the electronic music scene, Logiztik Sounds and his partner Audiobill from Uruguay. In 2009 he launched his own label Maktub Music and has released […]

Supreme Sluts ‘Crush’ HOUSERECORDINGS / plasmaHR019 OUT NOW on Your Favorite Digital Download Store 1. Stivo Remix 2. Original Mix 3. Unique vs. Projekt Klangform Remix Promo Cut – Supreme Sluts – Crush Stivo RMX Promo Cut – Supreme Sluts – Crush Original Promo Cut – Supreme Sluts – Crush DJ Unique vs Projekt Klangform […]

With “Geyser Tech Vol. 2” our versatile club-oriented compilation series continues holding ready anew a concerted assortment of different house and techno tracks from ten artists. The new names Stivo, Enzo Matari & Pepe Norman (aka Norman Karachi) as well as LFOcean’s collaboration Pitchmeter join the from the first volume known producers Gianni di Muro […]

Another proven duo find themselves together again on Highgrade Digital. Since their “Globetrotter” EP in 2007, Todd Bodine has become responsible not only for producing the hits on Highgrade, but also for the label management, and here he brings back his friend and co-conspirator, Lugwig Cohen, for three more sublime tracks. Music journalist and DJ […]